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Going Places-Question and answers


Q.1. Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?

Ans: Sophie and Jansie were both classmates and friends. Both were considerate, sensible and were looming in between the ideas of finding some work after their schooling. Sophie was a girl of deep imagination and unrealistic dreams. On her way home she told her classmate Jansie to have a boutique. She will be like Mary Quant and will be having the most amazing shop this city had ever seen. On the other hand-Jansie was more practical and a realistic type of girl quite aware about their lower middle class family background. She asked Sophie to be sensible because the shop work required money and her father won’t allow this. She knew that both were earmarked for the biscuit factory.

Sophie entertained the idea of being an actress and then dream of becoming a fashion designer. She was unaware of the reality as to how she would do all these things. Jansie knew that all those different types of work needed money which was beyond the capacity of Sophie’s parents. She advised her to be practical. Sophie had no faith in Jansie and understood her to be ‘nosey’. She would spread all the news in the whole neighbourhood. So she did not want to tell any of her secret. Thus we can note a lot of difference in their attitudes towards life and things.


Q.2. How did Sophie’s father react on hearing about Sophie’s meeting Danny Casey?

Ans: Sophie’s father was a man of gentle and considerate nature.Inspite of his own hard-work he always helped in the chores. When Sophie’s mother Geoff was doing some work on the motorbike had completed the washing of clothes, he came in and switched on the television. Then he told his father ‘Sophie met Danny Casey.’ He turned his head and looked at Sophie. Their father seemed sad and asked if it was true. He did not believe what he was told. During the conversation she ensured that Danny Casey was going to buy a shop. Hearing it, her father became rather confused and murmured something. He aggressively called her telling another of her wild stories. It was at this stage Geoff came to her help and told their father that she met him in the Royce’s arcade with details. Their father knew well Geoff would support her. Therefore, he cautioned Sophie that one of those days she was going to talk herself into a load of trouble. It was a sincere advice from a father to his daughter not to invite troubles for her because of her fanciful talks.


Q.3. On the news ‘Sophie met Danny Casey’ how did their father react?

Ans: Father looked at Sophie with sadness on their face, he did not believe it. He called it another of her wild stories. He warned her that those days she would put herself into a lot of troubles because of her talks.


Q.4. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff silence?

Ans: Sophie’s brother Geoff was an apprentice mechanic. He was almost grown up yet he hardly spoke any thing of his own. Words were prized out of his mouth like stones from the ground. She could only suspect areas of his life which she wanted to hear from him. So she was jealous of his silence. She took him to be out there in the world, when he was not speaking.


Q.5. What did Sophie imagine about her meeting with Danny Casey?

Ans: Sophie told that she met Danny Casey at the Royce’s window. She was looking at the clothes there. He came and stood beside beside her. She spoke to him first and asked if he was Danny Casey. He confirmed, she asked for an autograph but neither had paper nor a pen. They talked a bit. He assured for the autograph next week is she cared.


Q.6.Why did not Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny?

Ans: Sophie had requested her brother Geoff not to tell anything about her meeting with Casey. When Jansie asked Sophie about her meeting with Danny. Sophie was much amazed. She cursed Geoff for it because Jansie was ‘nosey’ and would spread the facts everywhere in the neighbourhood. In case her father knew about it, there would be a great row which her mother did not like. She requested Jansie to keep it a secret.


Q.7. What did the two school girls discuss while coming home?

Ans: The two classmates Sophie and Jansie discussed about finding some work after leaving school. Sophie thought of having her own boutique, or to work in a biscuit factory. She was a nosey type of girl.


Q.8. Do you think Sophie had really met Danny Casey?

ANS. No, Sophie had never met Danny Casey in reality. She was a dreamer. The story of her meeting Danny Casey was one of the wild stories by her .It was totally a concocted story.


Q.9. In what way was Jansie different from Sophie in ‘Going Places’?

ANS. Sophie was a dreamer. She had dreamed of becoming an actress, a fashion designer, a manager or the owner of a boutique. Her dreams were impractical as she belonged to a poor middle class family. Jansie, on the hand, is a realist. She knows that she and her friend are earmarked for a biscuit factory. She is sensible and wise.


Q.10. What kind of world did Sophie dream of?

ANS. Sophie dreamed of a world full of name and fame. There was no limit to her dreams. She wanted to buy a boutique shop. She had other options to be a fashion designer, an actress or a manager. She even dreams of having met with Danny Casey, a great Football player.


Q.11. How can you say that Jansie is the voice of reason in the story ‘going places’?

ANS. Jansie is really the voice of reason in the story. It is she who warns Sophie not dream of big things in her life. She asks her to be practical. She reminds her of the poor condition of her house .It is all because of her wisdom that she knows her limits as a member of middle class family and never tries to cross them. Sophie is disappointed at the end only because she does not listen to Jansie.


Q.12. Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny Casey?

ANS. Sophie knew that Jansie was very inquisitive. She would ask so many questions from Sophie about her meeting with Danny Casey and the truth might come out during their conversation that Sophie was telling a lie. Moreover, she feared that Jansie would spread it in the whole neighbourhood. That is why; Sophie did not want that Jansie should come to know about it.


Q.13. What was Sophie’s father’s reaction to her story regarding her meeting with Danny Casey?

ANS.Sophie’s father did not believe the news of Sophie’s meeting with Danny Casey. He considered it to be another of her wild stories. He looked at Sophie with hatred .He ignored her and went on to discuss football and footballers.


Q.14. How did Sophie come to know that her dad was not at home? Why was she glad to know it?

ANS. Sophie came to know that her father not at home when she passed by the pub. She saw her father’s Bicycle propped against the wall of the pub. She was glad because she would not have to see her father when she reached home disappointed.


Q.15. What sort of personality does Sophie’s brother have?

ANS. Geoff is a reserved sort of person. He is a motor mechanic under training. He is a hard worker. He is great fan of Danny Casey. He has the coloured photographs of the Irish Footballer on his bedroom wall. Sophie wants to share her secrets with him.

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