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Journey to the End of the Earth-Question and answers

Author: Tishani Doshi

Long-answer-type questions:

Q.1. Why is Antarctica the place to go to understand the earth’s present, past and future?

Ans: At present we all are worried about the global warming and climatic changes. A visit to Antarctica makes it quite clear and there one can see the ice shelves melting. ‘Students on Ice’ is a programme headed by Canadian Geoff Green. The author tells a detailed account of his experience about his visit to Antarctica. It has helped him in studying as well as understanding about the present, past and future of the earth. About 650 million years ago, there was a southern super-continent named Gondwana. India and the Antarctica were the parts of the same landmass. There was no life except huge variety of flora and fauna. According to him Antarctica is the only place on the earth that has never sustained human life and therefore, it is pure. It holds in it ice-core, half million year old carbon record and thus provides clues of our past, present and future. On the Antarctica, he got an opportunity to walk on the frozen sea and he saw ice-berg, seals and miles of snow all round. The study suggested our future possibilities. He felt the need of making changes in our present life style and practices. There is an urgent need to check on the rising of global temperature. We must feel the need of maintaining the world future world.       

Q.2. What are Geoff Green’s reasons for including high school students on Ice Expedition?

Ans: A visit to Antarctica makes it quite clear and there one can see the ice shelves melting. ‘Students on Ice’ is a programme headed by Canadian Geoff Green. His aims at organizing this programme by taking high school students to the ends of the world. He thins it most essential to provide the students with inspiring educational opportunities to know more about the Antarctica. Through this they will generate a new understanding and respect for our planet. Earlier Geoff Green had organized programme with celebrities and rich people which gave him back only in a limited way. Since the students are young minds and full of adventurous activities they can learn, act and absorb much by visiting the Antarctica. They can see through their own eyes glaciers retreating and ice-shelves collapsing. They can realize the future dangers, catastrophic effect of climatic changes and the global warming. The Antarctica provides the young students a perfect place to study the varied changes occurring in the environment. These little changes can have significant consequences. The students can see those grasses of the sea that flourish, nourish and sustain the entire Southern Ocean’s food chain. Thus the programme provides a lively study of changes and the realities going on the Antarctica.

Short-answer questions:

Q.1. What is Gondwana? What happened to it?

Ans: It is the huge landmass-a super continent, the undivided Earth, which existed millions of years ago. Gondwana was centered roughly present day Antarctica. It had no human life but only flora and fauna. It existed for 500 million years ago and then started drifting away slowly, giving rise to different land masses called continents and different water bodies called oceans etc.

Q.2. How is our survival in danger?


What are the reasons for increasing the global temperature?

Ans: People have dominated over nature with villages, towns, cities etc. Human population has increased and there is the depletion of natural resources. The burning of fossil-fuels has created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world and the global temperature is on increase. The atmosphere is becoming polluted day by day. Thus our survival is in danger.

Q.3. How can a visit to the Antarctica be an enlightening experience?

Ans: It is the most appropriate place to understand and study the earth’s present, past and future. In the beginning it was a giant super continent that forced to form different countries. It had no human population except ice-caves half million years old carbon records. Thus Antarctica tells us of the present state. It can tell us the Earth’s past. The receding glaciers and falling ice-shelves can give us an indication of the future.

Q.4. How does the global warming affect Antarctica?


What do you know about Phytoplankton’s?

Ans: Phytoplanktons are the grasses of the sea of the southern Ocean. These are single celled plants use the Sun’s energy. With the process of Photosynthesis, they supply food and oxygen for all the marine life of the sea. But the global warming can affect the activities of these plants and life of all the creatures depending on them. Global warming also causes the melting of the ice-bergs and collapsing of ice-shelves in this region.

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