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The Enemy-Question and answers

Q.1.Why didn’t Dr Sadao put the wounded man back in the sea even though he was his enemy?

Ans. Dr Sadao could not put the wounded man back in the sea even though he was an enemy because he was a Doctor and the foremost duty of a doctor is to save life. He knew the man would die if not tended medically. This would be against medical ethics. So, he rescued him to give medical treatment.

Q.2.How did the servant express their displeasure?

Ans. The servants did not like the idea of helping an enemy. Yumi refused to wash the white man. They stopped working; but became watchful as long as a white man was harbored there.

Q. 3.How did Hanna show her human side to the wounded man after the operation?

Ans. Hanna nursed the man herself. When he was getting ready to face some fearful eventuality she told him not to be afraid of anything. Then she knelt and fed him gently from the porcelain spoon. She also told him that he would be soon strong.

Q.4.What did Dr Sadao do to send off the man?

Ans. As soon as it was dark Dr Sadao dragged the stout boat down to the shore. He put food, bottled water and two quilts. He medically examined the man. Then gave him his own little flashlight to signal for food, gave him Japanese clothes, covered his blond head and let him go.

Q.5.What message does ‘The Enemy’ give?

Ans. ‘The Enemy’ gives the message that humanism transcends all man made prejudices and barriers. Here Dr Sadao upholds the ethics of medical profession in treating an enemy. The story is a great lesson of peace, love, sympathy, fellow feeling and humanism.

 Q.6  Why was not Dr Sadao sent along with the Japanese troops though he was such a good surgeons.

Ans: Sadao- very able doctor and famous scientist- should have ideally been sent with the troops- would have served the Japanese troops. Wasn’t sent because he was perfecting a discovery that was likely to render wounds clean. Also because the General was ailing and might need him for his operation.

Q.7  Why did the messenger’s visit frighten Hana?

Ans: The messenger had come because the General was in pain and needed the services of Mr Sadao. However Hana had thought that the servants had given them away before the police and he had come with summons to arrest them. So she was mortally scared.


Long Questions:                                

Q.1 Dr Sadao’s instinctive affinity transcends national and cultural prejudices and barriers. Discuss.

Ans:  As a young boy he obeyed his father and honoured the fact that his education was his father’s chief concern. Sadao was skilful Japanese surgeon who lived in Japan during World War II. Together with his wife Hana, and the servants, Sadao had a comfortable life. Earlier, he had several years in the United states during medical school. While in the United States, Sadao experienced cultural prejudice and bias first hand. Even though he did have a positive experience including that of a teacher and landlady Americans did.Is a dutiful son, an excellent husband and a thorough professional- believes that it is a “cardinal  sin” on part of a surgeon not to know the human body completely. Faces a dilemma whether to help the POW or to assert loyalty to the country and finally gives in to the call of humanity. His instinctive affinity transcends cultural and national prejudices and barriers.

Q.2 Sadao and Hana were true patriots and human beings. Justify with reference to the story.

Ans:   Both full of patriotism, proud of Japan and its culture. Hated Americans, found them repulsive, full of prejudices against Japanese. Both Sadao and Hana considered humanity above patriotism. As a doctor, he could not leave his patient in distress, could not stop himself from saving the life of the wounded American soldier. Both risked their lives and reputation by helping and sheltering the soldier. Hana was equally compassionate- washed the soldier’s wounds herself when Yumi refused. Considered every soldier as a human being in distress. Did not hand him over to police initially as the soldier was weak and could die. Did not want to keep the American soldier when he fully recovered. Sadao told the General about the soldier. He had no objection if the soldier was killed by the assassins- but was ill-at ease and worried that harm may come to him- shows that he is essentially kind. Helped the soldier to escape, gave him food, clothes and water on his boat. Sadao found relief when thwe soldier did not give any signal through his flash light as he was safe. Saved the soldier as true human beings. Wanted to get rid of him as true patriots.

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