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THE Tiger King-Question and Answer

Q.1.How did the chief astrologer react to the tiger king’s question about the manner of his death? How did the tiger king take it?

Ans. When the baby barely ten days old opens its lips in speech the chief astrologer was wonderstruck. He thought it to be incredible that the baby raised an intelligent question –to know about the manner of his death. The astrologer told that the prince was born in the hour of the bull. The bull and tiger are enemies. Therefore, death to him shall come from the Tiger. The tiger king growled, “Let tigers be ware!”

Q.2.Why was it celebration time for all the tigers inhabiting Pratibandapuram?

Ans. There was a celebration time for all the tigers inhabiting Pratibandapuram because the state banned tiger hunting by any one except the Maharaja and a proclamation was issued to the effect that if any one dared to fling a stone at a tiger, all his wealth and property would be confiscated. 

Q.3.What did the Maharaja do when he stood in danger of losing his kingdom in refusing the British officer permission for tiger hunting?

Ans. The Maharaja obtained some fifty expensive diamond rings of different designs from a British Jewellery Company in Calcutta and send them to the British officer’s good lady expecting her to choose one or two rings and send the rest back. But she kept all the rings and thanked the Maharaja for the gift. This cost the Maharaja three lakh rupees; but his kingdom was saved. 

Q.4.What plan did the Maharaja think of to fulfill his vow to kill hundred tigers after the tiger population became extinct in his state?

Ans. When the tiger population became extinct in his state the Maharaja planned to marry a girl of royal family of a native state with a large tiger population so that he would kill the remaining thirty tigers in the sate of his father –in-law when he visits that.

Q.5.What caused the death of the Maharaja?

Ans. The prophecy of the chief astrologer came true. A toy-wooden tiger-the hundredth tiger killed the Maharaja. The silver quill on the wooden tiger pierced his hand when he was plying with it on the crown prince’s third birthday. It caused a suppurating sore that spread all over the arm. He was operated but die

Q.6.What are the microscopic phytoplanktons? How are they important in the food chain and photosynthesis?

Ans. The microscopic phytoplanktons are the grasses of the sea, which nourish and sustain the entire South Ocean’s food chain. These single- celled plants use the Sun’s energy to assimilate carbon and synthesise organic compounds in the important process called photosynthesis.

Q.7.What was the best epiphany that occurred in the Antarctic journey?

Ans. Their vessel got wedged into a thick ice-stretch. The captain decided to turn around and instructed them to walk on the ocean. While walking on the ocean they saw underneath their feet 180 metres of living, breathing salt water. Crab eater seals stretching and sunning themselves on the ice floes like stray dogs under a banyan tree. It was the best epiphany.

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